To Identify the Essential

I love my husband. I love Colorado. I love our cabin, our home. I love it here. The lifestyle is so simple, so wonderful. Everything that is done or had has a purpose: practicality, simplicity. And everything that I’m doing and learning makes me feel capable.

I’m (re)learning: how to cook with a gas stove, how to shop for two weeks time, how to store food properly in storage containers, to carry a pocket knife on me all the time just because it’s a handy tool, how to set mouse traps and not be sad about killing one (a normal routine of cabin/mountain life), to not use the heat or AC unit because the weather is so nice, to re-wear clothes two or even three days in a row (no harsh heat here), to keep the windows open always – a breeze gently blowing the curtains, to shower and shave in a shower with standing room only (the key is a detachable shower head), how to wash dishes by hand three times a day (and how to schedule a lot of time for doing so), how to do laundry once a week, how wonderful it is to hike up the mountain with a full laundry basket, how to hang clothes outside to dry, Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream is a lifesaver, so is Vaseline, how nice it is to not have a television, to always watch for deer, elk, and big horn sheep when driving, how to live with little, how to take in views, how to ask questions and learn; how simple and slow, yet wonderful it is here.


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