Think of Me, Think of Me Fondly


February fourteenth, twenty fifteen. The day my Jared got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Jared and I planned to spend our day shopping in preparation for our trip to Wyoming in March. He drove to the house to pick me up, and as we were getting ready to leave he told me that he needed to stop by the church. He wanted to pick up his backpack that he had left there the night before at a school meeting.

We drove to our beautiful church and walked hand in hand through the garden and up to large wooden doorway.

Upon walking through the narthex and into the sanctuary, sunlight danced through the stained glass windows. No lights were on and no lights were needed; the place was beautifully and naturally radiant. A table brimming with lit white candles sat at the end of the aisle.

Think of me, think of me fondly…” Oh, such beautiful music was playing. One of my favorite pieces from the phantom of the opera. I paused and took in the beauty all around me. Jared was nearing the front of the sanctuary, and the music carried me down the aisle and towards him.

I walked up to him, he turned, got down on one knee, held out the most beautiful ring I had ever seen, and said, “Will you marry me?”. “Oh, yes!”. I was bursting; laughing, smiling, and overwhelming happy. We held each other and danced.


Saint Andrew’s Chapel will forever hold a special place in my heart. It was the first church I became a member of, where I met Jared and where our friendship grew, where we took many, many walks together, where we were engaged, and where we were married. Grace upon grace. Ahh Jared, I love you.


After it all we walked around our pond to the Ligonier building where Jared worked, and called family members to tell them our news (my parents had already known what was about to take place that day and they were very good at keeping the secret!).

A note: Even when walking into the sanctuary and even when walking up to Jared, I never even suspected a proposal was about to take place. The entire time, even as I was walking down the aisle, I was looking around for Jared’s backpack. As for the music that was playing and the candles, a choir practice was taking place in the fellowship hall (the next building over) and I thought someone was enjoying the church’s sound system during a practice break. Jared and I had talked of marriage many times before, and I was sure he was going to ask me to marry him in the mountains of Wyoming during our trip in March. I was very pleasantly surprised otherwise. I found out afterwards that february fourteenth is Jared’s parent’s engagement anniversary as well. Also, many thanks to our friend Philip, who helped Jared arrange everything. We’re so thankful.

Oh my heart.


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