About Lauren

Welcome to Wildwood Notes. I’m Lauren, married and mothering twins in a darling 1940’s mid-century modern rental on a busy avenue. Right now we call a historic town in central Florida home. I grew up on the lakes, rivers, and beaches of Florida and my husband grew up in the mountains of Wyoming. I am work at home mother, and consider myself a homebody as well as an adventurer. I enjoy reading, photography, cats, coffee, simplicity in design, minimalism, and cultivating my love for natural, healthy living. I am also self-educating myself on all things personal finances and insurance (woo hoo!), and hold a degree in business administration and communications.

Wildwood Notes is a space to share my life, thoughts, likes, photography, and what I’m learning & the like, so welcome, and make yourself at home.

About This Blog

The purpose of this blog is for documentation: for quotes, thoughts, photography, likes, resources, and various things I’m learning as I seek to live Coram Deo, in the presence of God and to His glory, and as I seek to create and live a simple, handmade life. I’m so thankful you’re here, and I welcome you. Make yourself at home.

A Note

This blog contains affiliate links, which means that I may earn a small commission on items that have been purchased through my links. The only products shown on my blog are ones that I absolutely love, and I will clearly note sponsored content.